GFI FAXmaker now available in Spanish and Italian

March 05, 2009 - 12:00

Raleign, NC – GFI Software has announced that its fax server product, GFI FAXmaker is now available in Spanish and Italian.

“Over the years we have provided our customers with quality, cost-effective solutions to help them address their messaging concerns within the organization. Although our products are very well-received and in use worldwide, certain markets have often asked for the software to be available in their native language. The logical step for us is now to localize our product portfolio and we are starting this quarter with GFI FAXmaker which will be available in Spanish and Italian,” GFI’s CEO Walter Scott said.

“This will be a major project for GFI and we plan to have more than half of our product portfolio available in Spanish, Italian, German and Russian by the end of the year. We are confident that this will not only have a positive impact on existing customers but open up a new market for us in terms of organizations that insist on localized solutions for their networks. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with our email archiving product, GFI MailArchiver, customers will also be able to archive all their faxes just like they would archive emails,” Mr Scott added.

The latest release of GFI FAXmaker also ships with a number of new features including support for Brooktrout boards on Windows Server 2008 and support for Active Directory groups when configuring routing.

Click here for a knowledgebase article on the latest release.

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