GFI VIPRE Antivirus Wins Another VB100 Award

December 16, 2010 - 12:00

In addition, GFI VIPRE for Exchange obtains VBSpam certification

GFI Software, a leading IT and security solutions provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, today announced that GFI VIPRE Antivirus received the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, the highly-respected independent comparative testing group, in the December 2010 issue of its online publication.

The VB100 comparative review tested 64 antivirus products on the Windows 7 platform for malware detection rates, lack of false positives, and speed of scanning. GFI VIPRE Antivirus successfully detected 100 percent of viruses “in the wild” without creating a single false positive. Viruses are generally categorized as “in the wild” when they are spreading as a result of normal day-to-day operations on and between the computers of unsuspecting users.

To pass the VB100 award testing criteria, antivirus products must detect 100 percent of malware listed as “in the wild” by the WildList Organization during both on-demand and on-access scanning.In addition, the products must not generate any false positives when scanning a set of clean files. The products must fulfill these criteria in their default state. 43 of the 64 entries were named VB100 award winners.

“Malicious threats continue to emerge and evolve on a daily basis, and customers need to be assured that their antivirus solutions are constantly being updated to meet the rapidly changing security landscape,” said Alex Eckelberry, general manager, GFI’s Security Business Unit. “Winning the highly-regarded VB100 award again illustrates GFI’s dedication to ongoing quality and our commitment to ensuring our users are thoroughly protected from both new and existing security threats.”

In addition to the VB100 award, GFI VIPRE Email Security for Exchange received VBSpam certification for the second year in a row, scoring a spam catch rate of 98.05 percent. The VBSpam comparative review tested 19 full solutions and one reputation blacklist for their spam catch rate and false positive rate, with VBSpam awards going to products that exceeded a predefined benchmark based on both measurements. The VBSpam tests use Virus Bulletin’s live email stream as well as a live spam feed provided by Project Honey Pot and a second spam stream provided by Abusix. GFI VIPRE Email Security for Exchange achieved a final score of 96.30 based on its overall spam catch and false positives rates, validating its effectiveness in protecting users’ inboxes. 

Virus Bulletin conducts independent comparative testing of antivirus products. The tests focus on virus detection rates, speed of scanning, and the outcome of how each product fares when scanning a set of files that are known to be clean. More information about Virus Bulletin can be found on its website at

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