GFI adds SD-WAN capability for network and application performance management

July 01, 2019 - 12:00

Define your multi-element WAN with better application management and fail-over protection

AUSTIN, Texas, July 01, 2019 - GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions announced today the release of Exinda SD-WAN—a new network management capability complementing its award-winning Exinda Network Orchestrator. Exinda SD-WAN lets network managers define their own multi-element wide area networks and manage the traffic flow and prioritization through these networks.

Organizations are opting to add additional WAN links instead of upgrading their existing MPLS connections for a more resilient and lower cost solution. Exinda SD-WAN automatically binds these disparate links together to function as one holistic WAN link.

This delivers three key benefits. First, binding multiple links into one network lets you switch traffic if one element fails, ensuring a more robust network. Second, you can ensure better quality of service for the applications running on that network. Last, all of this is done transparently from the whole network infrastructure, thus no complex changes are required to existing applications.

Exinda SD-WAN and Exinda Network Orchestrator
Combining Exinda SD-WAN and Exinda Network Orchestrator provides added benefits. In addition to the fail-over and bandwidth management Exinda SD-WAN offers, Exinda Network Orchestrator delivers greater application and network visibility, additional and more nuanced application-network-bandwidth management/control, and the ability to accelerate applications for even better performance.

"Quality of experience for users is the ultimate measure of network management success," says Dan Beer, General Manager of GFI Software. "Exinda SD-WAN complements our current network and application performance solutions. Many organizations look to SD-WAN as a key part of their network management. This addition to our GFI portfolio helps us cover all the bases for our small and mid-sized customers"

Exinda SD-WAN will be available through the current GFI reseller and distributor network.

SD-WAN background
Organizations rely on wide area networks (WANs) to share data and applications among departments and offices, which may be remotely located. Complicating the WAN situation today is the mix of various host systems—on-premise, cloud and hybrid-cloud—with applications delivered through multiple protocols and technologies.

The key WAN challenge is ensuring quality of experience for business applications that may have different performance thresholds. For example, voice over IP or video conferencing demands low latency to be effective. Frozen or faltering video conferences are a source of common user complaints to network managers.

Network managers may address these issues by adding bandwidth, hardware-based controls or software-based management. The first two options may be expensive and vary between no to moderate ability to control applications. Software-based management is typically cheaper and has a much higher ROI. It presents a wide potential to understand and control application traffic and ultimately, user experience.

With a solution like Exinda SD-WAN, you are not only adding and managing capacity in your network, you can ensure the applications your users depend on, have the quality of experience they require.

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