Press Releases

GFI launches GFI EventsManager 2010

GFI Software announced today the release of GFI EventsManager 2010 and its ReportPack.

[IT] Il backup? E semplice con GFI Software

GFI's Maurizio Taglioretti talks about GFI's latest product for business, GFI Backup - Business Edition and explains what GFI is doing to help businesses get their IT infrastructure into shape. Source: Office Automation

[ES] Politicas de uso aceptable de internet en el trabajo

Acceptable Use Policies are extremely important for businesses that want to manage how internet is used by their employees, GFI says. Source: Emprendedores (Print)

GFI Software moderniza su progama de canal

GFI's launch of its revamped Channel Partner program aims to provide partners with greater benefits and opportunities to do business with GFI and their clients. Source: Channel Partner (Print version)

[NL] Begeleiden werkt meestal beter dan verbieden

GFI provides five simple tips to help people become aware of the dangers of using Twitter and what to look out for to avoid any security breaches or malware infections. Source: PC Rendement

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