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[IT] Controllare Internet senza violare la privacy

GFI's Maurizio Taglioretti touches upon the delicate issue of privacy and internet control within businesses. He argues that with a product like GFI WebMonitor, SMBs will find the right balance between control and respecting privacy laws. Source: Office Automation

What you need to know about getting hacked

GFI's Chris Boyd says that companies do not alway sknow what data has been taken and so they have to assume that everything was compromised even if there's a good probability it wasn't. Source: Kiplinger's Persona Finance

GFI MailArchiver™ Enables Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone® Users to Access Archived Email Anywhere

GFI Software optimizes GFI MailArchiver Web interface so users can quickly find and retrive archived messages.

GFI Labs Discovers Cybercriminals Stealing From Each Other and Unleashing a New Spin on Bogus Antivirus

GFI Software today announced the top 10 most prevalent threat detections for July 2011.

GFI® Software Makes Dynamic Malware Analysis Easier for Businesses

GFI Software’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) today released GFI SandBox 3.4 (formerly CWSandBox), the latest update to one of the industry’s leading malware analysis tools that helps security professionals assess suspected files and URLs for potential threats within a controlled environment.

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