Manage network performance by focusing on the user experience of key applications


See your network from the user’s perspective

  • Real-time network monitoring lets you understand how well your organization’s important applications are performing
  • Easy-to-use dashboards help you identify network use, traffic bottlenecks and problem areas by looking at application or Level 7 performance by app, user, device, and location
  • Cut complaints and boost satisfaction by solving network and application issues before they happen

New GenAI CoPilot Adds Intelligence

GFI Exinda CoPilot is an intelligent bandwidth management tool powered by GenAI. It proactively predicts bandwidth and application usage, allowing for dynamic bandwidth allocation using real-time data. Beyond just tracking application usage, CoPilot provides comprehensive traffic insights, capturing application performance and broader network behavior.


  • Predictive Network Troubleshooting: Predicts potential issues that may arise based on patterns and past network activity.
  • Application traffic insights: Provides in-depth information about application usage, extending beyond a mere list of utilized applications. It also predicts potential popularity shifts or problematic applications based on historical data.
  • GenAI-powered Recommendations: Ongoing evaluation of network utilization and current configuration delivers read-to-go configuration recommendations to the administrator, ensuring the network is always operating at